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What is Your Element & A Bipolar Connection

Long before I knew I was bipolar, I was often confused when I would take quizzes to find out my ruling element.  I would always get either fire or water as my ruling element, and both would make sense to me.  But how can I be both fire and water, two elements that seem like they would be disastrous together in one individual.  I am also a Scorpio, which is a water element although I’m not sure why since Scorpions live in the desert (fire)!  I find myself certainly having characteristics of both ruling elements.  And fortunately or unfortunately for me both water and fire are very emotional elements.  Water in particular usually manifests itself in a sensitive individual.  Astrology describes those ruled by water signs in this way (from

Water Signs are intuitive, sensitive and feel more intensely than the other Elements. Water Signs are associated with growth processes, identification and emotion. They are exceptionally sensitive to their environment, particularly to fungi, bacteria and viruses.  Sensitive to a fault, the Water Signs are often more concerned with your feelings and needs than their own. Water Signs are private and guarded, and approach life from an emotional stance. Many of the Water Signs are at home in fields of human resources, as they thrive on people-to-people contact.  Water Signs are known to be emotional, sensitive, compassionate, idealistic, and they possess great intuition. However, Water Signs can be moody. The Water Signs are Pisces, Scorpio, and CancerBasically, Water Signs are concerned with compassion and understanding, since the receptive talent of such individuals is extraordinarily high. They think with their feelings, and are often romantic. Men with Water Signs are odd because men are naturally unemotional. Fire and Air Signs are masculine, while Earth and Water Signs are feminine. Water Signs are said to excel at empathy because they can feel what others feel. In the same respect, Water Signs are often considered of the most powerful if not THE most powerful of all Elements. Water Signs are said to share a sensitivity that flows like water. Traditionally, Fire and Air Signs are described as Positive, while Earth and Water Signs are described as Negative. All of the Water Signs are, to some degree, psychic.  The astrological Water Signs are Cancer (Cardinal, 4th House), Scorpio (Fixed, 8th House) and Pisces (Mutable, 12th House). The Water Signs are astrologically and karmically more developed and refined in spirit. These individuals are gifted by being able to “sense.”

All this fits me to a “T!”  While I am very emotional, I try to be very careful and reserved with whom and how I show those feelings precisely because of my sensitivity and empathy.  I have always felt like I’m more plugged in spiritually than most individuals.  However, to say I am prone to moodiness is obviously a huge understatement since in fact, I am bipolar and prone to extreme moodiness.  I often feel as if I am in an internal struggle with that part of me that is compassionate and kind, and that part of me that is fire that is very demanding and even domineering!  Fire signs are considered masculine, while water signs are considered feminine.  Since I am more prone to depression than mania, I would speculate that I am more ruled by water and less ruled by fire.  But it may depend on whatever cycle I happen to be in at the moment.  

I remember taking another quiz from a book called “Goddess Signs: Which One Are You?”  The book basically describes different personality types.  At the end of this quiz, I scored as a sun goddess sign and the “diva” goddess (in the sense that I can be very charismatic and “light up the room” so to speak o.=).  My friends and I all took the quiz together and found it to be very accurate in describing our personalities.  However, the diva goddess sign was supposed to correspond with the Libra astrological sign, while I am Scorpio.  Yet another example of the duality of bipolar disorder.  I find the fire side of me in creativity, I am extremely creative and sometimes it builds up to the point where I feel like I have fire on the brain!  Hypomania has often found expression in my writing.  I also find it in my general personality characteristics, I am perfectionist and demanding of myself and push myself too hard.  This definitely does not come from water, which just goes with the flow and can sometimes be hard to motivate!  At times when fire was more prevalent, I have been very charismatic and excelled in leadership roles.  At times when water was more prevalent, I felt more shy and anxious and sensitive.

I would be very interested to know if many bipolar individuals are ruled by two seemingly opposing elements (air and earth?), and if this is a valid and helpful perspective on bipolar.  For example, if I know I am fire and water I’m missing air and earth.  I do have some air, I am intelligent and enjoy some intellectual pursuits.  My weakest element is earth, which helps me stay grounded and balanced between the precarious positions of too much water (depression) and too much fire (mania).  Therefore, I work very hard to stay grounded using meditation, exercise, a vegan diet high in protein (while some sources claim meat is the most grounding food, I find it too disturbing to my hormonal balance), and constantly re – establishing that connection to the earth throughout the day.

I personally often feel confused about just exactly who I am, which I guess is reasonable and understandable.  Am I shy, quiet, sensitive and mystical or am I a charismatic powerhouse that lights up a room?  In the end, I suppose it is my goal to balance the two out.  Sometimes it is very difficult and frustrating and I feel almost fractured.  And so I continue to unfold in spirit, and discover what happens next.



  1. Hi. My name is Ann, and when I read this I felt as though you were describing me and how I am. I’m bipolar as well. My element is water, and yes it is very accurate, still it’s sometimes the complete opposite of how I am. This is specially true when it comes to my compatibility to other people and how I act towards different kinds of people. For me earth is my weakest element. My sister is earth and she is my opposite completely. However my mum is fire, and we are either exactly the same or completely opposite. Like you I also have some air in me. I feel the same way as you do towards bipolarity and the elements. EVERYTHING you write is EXACTLY how I am. It was kinda scary to be honest. I would like to discuss this further if you feel like it… It’s just too similar a description for me to ignore it, and I have never met anyone/ or talked to anyone, who is even close to feeling or being as I am.I would also like to know which tests you took that told you you were fire. In addition I can recommend the Jung and Major Briggs personality test:

    I’ve taken it several times, hypomanic and depressed, and always end up with the same result. Even though I have different percentage result for each letter (you’ll see what I mean). So, if you take the test (I find it quite accurate if you’re REAL honest), tell me what you got. I am INFJ -which is supposed to be the result that is less common among all of them… One page said 5% of world’s population other said 1%.

    Thank you for letting me find this text.

  2. I found your blog a few days ago, and I was really interested in this post. I’m also a scorpio with Fire and Water ruling elements.

    You describe things beautifully — thanks for this.

  3. Funny I ran across this being a bi-polar mystic myself Cancer sun, Moon Scorpio. Lol I completely relate.

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