Posted by: bipolarmystic | December 19, 2012

Hello my old friend

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I lasted posted to this blog.  Life hit a few speed bumps and I returned to my old friend, medication.  For a long time I felt confused about spirituality and bipolar.  Was it a spiritual affliction or not?  Could I handle it with spiritual tools or not?  At least at this point in my life, medication is important.  But that hardly negates the influence spiritual tools can have in our life.  Taking medication for diabetes doesn’t mean meditation and yoga won’t help too.  Our culture is one that constantly on the search for the magic bullet – the pill that will help everyone lose weight, or the one ingredient in a certain diet that helps ensure longevity.  The truth is there is no magic pill, and if there were a magic pill would it be in our best interest to use it?  Since I last posted I have experienced the typical ups and downs of bipolar.  I go about my life but I also continue to think about the big questions that have bothered me my whole life: why am I here, what is my purpose and why am I like this?  Sometimes I feel like maybe I’m a walking question mark.  I have often wondered if there is some *special* purpose that folks with mental illnesses could be fulfilling, an evolutionary advantage of some sort.  Or were we just a happy accident of early breeding since sexual maturity came before the onset of mental illnesses in many cases.  I know that I haven’t fully accepted the medical community’s story of bipolar.  Ok, it appears to be strongly genetic and caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals.  This story is so simplistic!  One hundred years from now will we look back and shake our heads, just as we do at our ancestor’s treatment of mental illness?  They say brain chemicals are unbalanced because giving a person a medication known to affect brain chemicals sometimes helps.  This would not past the muster in the hard sciences.  In my search for answers I have turned to others in the bipolar community and I have not found another voice like my own.  I continue to receive feedback on how helpful this blog has been to folks and I feel perhaps it’s time I spoke once again.  My new voice is interested in spirituality, but also in research and the big questions.  I hope to be a help to people, and to start a dialogue about the questions.  It’s no fun to talk about them all by myself!  So welcome to the new bipolar mystic.  Thanks for stopping by!  Interested in discussing any of the issues presented in this post?  Visit the bipolar mystic Facebook page.


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