Posted by: bipolarmystic | August 19, 2014

Where this blog is going

Bipolar Mystic no longer feels like home to me.  It hasn’t for quite awhile.  The truth is, the bipolar aspect of my life is no longer very important to me.  I rarely think about it anymore.  The constant questions about why I’m the way I am, whether bipolar or empathic or something else, no longer fill my attention.  In some sense, that process was deeply narcissistic.  A necessary narcissism, born of the need to come to terms with myself.  I can’t say that task is at all complete, but it no longer seems helpful to focus solely on one particular aspect of my life.  Perhaps it’s because I am usually rock-solid now.  It could be that medication and greater understanding prevents the mental anguish that demands the answer to the question: why am I like this?  

And yet, I still find the world of spirit and mind utterly fascinating.  I love to read about autism, which I feel may be related to bi-polar.  I find myself more interested in learning about things outside my own experience now.  When I began writing this blog I had little understanding of what I wanted in life and what values I wished to live with.  Examining my values was an extremely embarrassing and painful process that didn’t always happen gracefully.  I was very lucky to be part of a spiritual group that really challenged my thinking.  I wasn’t aware of the culturally instilled crap I walked around with.  Some things just weren’t at all on my radar and now I can’t imagine being unaware of those issues. 

Eventually, I think, our focus has to turn away from the self if we are to truly express ourselves as unique individuals.  Our suffering and sensitivity can lead to a greater empathy with those that suffer marginalization of any kind.  However, first we must sanitize ourselves of poisonous cultural ideas about folks living on the edge of society.  If this blog is to continue, it must embrace wider issues of social justice.  I’m not an expert on any of it but I feel like through my reading I get a sliver of the whole picture.  Yet even a sliver is informative, shocking and motivating.  The dis-ease we all suffer to a certain degree certainly has some powerful roots in our culture.  I feel that focusing on these issues has become the natural progression for me after focusing on the self.  And so, expect to see changes in the tone and focus of Bipolar Mystic.  Namaste.



  1. That’s awesome. I’m waving to you from the start of the necessary narcissism 🙂

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