Posted by: bipolarmystic | August 15, 2015

Gut and Psychology Syndrome

In April I decided to go to a Chiropractor.  I was having digestive problems and itchy skin and just generally felt like crap (which is why I haven’t posted in awhile).  Ok it’s part of the reason: the other part being that I feel “too negative” and “inauthentic.”  Anyway, my Chiropractor seems to believe that nearly every aliment is caused by “leaky gut syndrome.”  According to proponents of the “leaky gut syndrome,” a confluence of factors (pollution, poor quality food, etc.) breaks down the lining of the intestine, leaving it permeable.  Food particles then pass through the intestinal lining and the immune system fires up, creating inflammation, sensitivities and/or allergies.  So, in some folks the inflammation might develop into a food allergy, an immune condition or symptoms of “mental illness.”

There are several popular books on the topic.  One of the “classics” is Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha Campbell-McBride.  Based on her work, the “GAP” diet or protocol was developed.  Rather than following the very strict GAP protocol, Dr. O used muscle testing to determine my food and chemical sensitivities.  It works like this: Dr. O places a sample of the food near my body and presses down on my arm.  If I am sensitive, I will be unable to hold my arm in place.  By moving the sample around the body, it is also possible to tell what organs are sensitive to a substance.

So I now have a list of food sensitivities and a rotation whole-foods diet to follow.  Many of the foods I tested sensitive to I already strongly suspected as problematic, such as cow-based dairy and grains.  So…I eat a lot of vegetables, different types of fats (coconut, red palm, olive oil, avocado oil), fruit (limited), nuts and seeds in moderation (super expensive), meat, eggs and goat dairy.  I would like to say I feel a lot better.  I was certainly hoping my diet might be the missing puzzle piece.  Unfortunately it hasn’t happened that way, even though I really committed myself.  It has been extremely stressful transition, especially since I was a vegetarian.  I am very fortunate to have access to healthy food, but it hasn’t been easy.  Plenty of days I’ve just gone hungry because I wasn’t prepared or too tired to deal with cooking.  Or I ate peanut butter.  Yum.

My digestive issues have actually gotten worse…and until the last few weeks it felt like the protocol was consuming me.  It’s starting to get easier now, but I have a lot of doubt about the validity and usefulness of what I am doing.  I can say for me kicking sugar and grains has made me much more patient and less anxious.  As for the rest…I’m just not sure.

I feel like this experiment has been like a black hole in my life, sucking up whatever energy I have left after family and work obligations.  And that really, really frustrates me.  I am so tired of living life at 65-75%  I want to feel good.  I want to be off all the meds.  Meanwhile, other important goals and priorities have been put aside.  I feel very, very lonely because I have almost no social life and my husband is working most of the time.  I feel like a fraud because many of the things I write about on this blog I can’t seem to put into practice in my own life.  No, I can’t take the fucking flower (Amanda Palmer post)!!!!

BUT…what keeps me coming back are the wonderful comments you folks leave.  It seems like some of what I write is helpful or at least thought provoking.  So…I’m going to keep coming back.



  1. I’d be very skeptical of any medico who tries to reduce multiple manifestations of complex symptomologies to one overarching cause, whether that’s an alternative practitioner putting it all down to leaky guts or an allopathic one blaming it on neurotransmitter imbalances.

    And don’t sweat the authenticity stuff. If you know who you are you’ll realise you can only be authentic. If you don’t you can only fake it.

  2. BTW, thanks for the invite but I prefer to avoid Facebook.

  3. My brother has a phrase: if you go looking for problems, you will assuredly find them.

    I have embraced that philosophy. Sometimes I am successful, other times I am swept up in the drama of trying to “solve” a problem which is either unsolvable or that isn’t mine to solve. Sometimes it is the drama and the anticipation for results which creates more drama.

    Slow down, if you can, and listen to Spirit. If you think and exist from a state of intention, “today is going to be a good day…” Then you will become married / obligated to your intention. Watch the self-talk… Then ignore it. Unless it’s positive.

    Thanks for FB invite… I’m trying to pare down my groups. I wish you well.


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