Some of My Favorite Resources


-Capsules with Omega 3’s (3,000 MG) – It is a now a scientifically established fact that Fish Oil capsules or Flax Oil capsules have a markedly positive effect on depression.
-Vitamin D (6,000 MG) – Some natural medicine authors claim that too much vitamin D might cause the body to shut down it’s own production from sunlight.  You may want to consider this before taking such a high dose.
-I also take St John’s Wort which is safe for me because I take no other medications except for Klonopin nightly.  St John’s Wort does not make me manic.

-New research is suggesting Folic Acid may be helpful in the treatment of depression, I do not personally take it.


-Positive Energy by Judith Orloff  (I speculate that many bipolar individuals may be to some degree empathic, or very sensitive to the moods of others and take on un-helpful energies.  If this is you, this book is an amazing resource).


-Research shows time and again that exercise can have as much effect on mild – moderate depression as an antidepressant.  I find for myself, the more vigorous, the better.   I feel much calmer, centered and energetic.


-Deepak Chopra’s The Soul of Healing Affirmations A-Z Guide to Reprogramming the Software of the Soul cd set on my MP3 player.

Please check back often as I will be continually adding new resources that I find helpful.


  1. I just heard a fascinating interview regarding Martin Luther King, of the Biographer of his last year of life. The Biographer relates King was a manic Empathic, and went onto say he experienced Bipolar episodes. I am myself identifying with this term, and found your sight researching it. Very useful insights and common sense approach. Thanks

  2. Please let me know how I can continually access, be a participant, & possible fellow writer/ editor/contributer to your blogs on ” Bipolar Disorder,” especially the focus on sensory overload, empathic gift, meditative/spirituality self- therapy to deal w/ empathic perceived feelings from others, and success over stigma. I once was a “survivor,” but now I am an overcomer.. 3 years a- symptomatic- ( w/ CBT & the same cocktail..of nightly meds, also, -a somewhat.. healthy sleep, eating, excercize hygiene, and self- mood/ stress triggers/ sensory sensitvities/ prayer/ ongoing..nature & sensory breaks, going on 50+ more years- I am currently, 39 years- old.

  3. I just stumbled on your blog while googling around about my sensory processing issue. I have been diagnosed with bipolar amongst a laundry list of others. Since you’re at the library anyway, I wanted to encourage you to check out The Mood Cure. I found the book after I had been working with a naturopath, so I learned the info within the harder more expensive way, but it’s been a game changer!

  4. been searching a long time for an understanding of how my bipolar is related to my souls journey and purpose. That is what I have been looking for. I feel joyful at the possibilities for me to finally start correlating the two. So glad I searched for empath and bipolar together. Thank you so much.

  5. Thank you so very much. I knew something was going on and I am a very persistent individual. You have in one article gave a name to and explained everything that I have been experiencing. I appreciate you!!!!

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